The Sky’s The Limit – LFP Businesses
Can Commit To The Cloud

the-skys-the-limit-now-lfp-businesses-can-commit-to-the-cloud-imageToday we’ve achieved what we always set out to do: to make the wide-format print process as simple as possible through the power of technology.

With the official launch of our new range of cloud-based automation tools, PrintFactory is proud to spearhead progress for LFP operations by making the complexities of colour management less of a challenge. We believe ink and media wastage due to mechanical error should be no more. Getting the right result first time and every time should be the norm. That is why we have invested two decades of development in making our vision to revolutionize wide format print a reality. With a cloud-based solution that ensures complete consistency of output wherever, whenever and from whichever device you’re driving your jobs, we believe we have harnessed the potential to do just that.

Welcome to the new age of LFP automation.

Cloud-based workflows can bring huge efficiencies to the super wide and large format print industries, and these new automation tools allow users to directly integrate their existing MIS/workflow systems into the PrintFactory platform for seamless production management.

The real benefit of the PrintFactory cloud is the powerful scalability and reliability enabling companies of any size to leverage features such as:

  • XML/JDF Job Submission – powerful integration with existing MIS/workflow solutions, providing end to end file processing/delivery, from MIS to Printer in one solution.
  • Dynamic Nesting – enabling companies to create dynamically scaling nesting workflows, providing true cloud based processing of jobs with local delivery to the RIP/Printers.
  • Ink/Media Reporting – real time reporting of ink and media usage, enabling companies to manage their consumables usage more accurately than ever before.

Watch this space as we start to evidence the tangible benefits that committing to the cloud can bring forward-thinking LFP businesses with a desire to do more with less.

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