What Are The Benefits Of Automation For Wide Format Print?

Automation enables print shops to realize revenue at every opportunity...

Automation enables us to realize revenue at every opportunity by streamlining process inefficiencies.  A recent report from The McKinsey Global Institute recognised that at a microeconomic level, automation enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage through reductions in labor costs as well as performance improvements such as increased throughput, higher quality outputs and less downtime. As such, automated workflow technologies can take large format print (LFP) businesses to unprecedented levels of profitability.

Automation offers a number of benefits for boutique shops, such as the ability to work with bigger printing plants, sharing jobs across businesses and devices to meet increasing demand. Automation makes it easier to outsource jobs whilst keeping quality consistent and fitting seamlessly alongside other scheduled jobs. The printability will improve as there will be less ink laid down, ink savings will be higher (automation saves an average of at least 20% on monthly ink bills) and, in many cases, printing speeds increase whilst still maintaining the same quality.


Other quantifiable highlights of automation include:

  • IT staff do not need to continue to maintain and run the system
  • Enables pre-press managers to focus on core tasks
  • Allows confederation with other solutions to enrich the flow

Although the initial investment involved in upgrading existing systems and potential short-term disruption to operations can be daunting, if print shops fail to make the transition from manual to an automated approach, they will miss out on the opportunity to unlock the key to market growth.  For the majority of LFP organizations now is a great time to maximize the window of opportunity that the emerging industrial and functional print segments are already beginning to benefit from.

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