PrintFactory’s editor. A complete content editing tool, inside the app. 

Are you always waiting for studio amends?

Not any more. We knew an in-app editing tool would be useful. So we created one that lets you amend original artwork without using separate design software. Nobody else has such a huge range of features in an in-app editor. We think it’ll definitely speed up your job preparation:

  • Moving images around on the page? Simple. 
  • Last-minute typos? Adjusting the kerning? Done in an instant.
  • Tweaking font colors even, or adjusting ICC profiles? Never been easier. 
  • Want to see RGB & CMYK and element content in detail and use unlimited scaling? Okay!

Stop paying for
software licenses  

If you’re running PrintFactory, you might not need to renew or license yet another copy of Adobe’s great art-working tools. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop … (sorry, Adobe).

Even with simple edits, if your studio’s doing a lot of last-minute changes (again), then you’re wasting time. And money.

With PrintFactory There’s no need to close one piece of software, open another, find and import the file, amend the typo, tweak the colors on the image, check, do a save-as, close the file, switch back, jam up the server …  none of that, in fact.

We built PrintFactory to work intelligently, so that anyone can edit files, in-app, quickly and easilyYou can be 100% confident the changes you’re making on-screen will be what’s produced on the page. How? Well, our PrintFactory editor tool uses the same PDF-engine as our RIP – it’s all super-connected. 👍

Plus, start offering special effects to your customers!

As we were developing our editor tool, we realised we could make special effects easier to recreate, too. White highlights. Spot varnish glosses. Multi-layered effects – they’re all possible with PrintFactory. And you can produce them on coloured backgrounds, and on all kinds of substrates (without needing another license for Adobe Illustrator).

Edit all the main file formats, in-app.

Our editor tool edits PDFs, PSDs, TIFFs, JPGs, EPS and AI files by working inside the PrintFactory software itself.

Synchronicity across all devices

PrintFactory editor tool uses the same PDF-engine as our RIP – it’s all super-connected. 


Does that mean we can all do amends?

Yes! Change the font. Correct a typo. Change the colour. Move things around the page. Imagine the time you’ll save.

Intelligent pre-flighting

PrintFactory’s pre-flighting options will automatically tell you if a file’s compatible for editing – or not!


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