Improving your color output with DeviceLink

Producing vivid, clean and accurate color is vital for any print operation...

Producing vivid, clean and accurate color is vital for any print operation. By being able to deliver the best quality output, your business will build a reputation for reliability and consistency, keeping your customers coming back for more.

However, with print set-ups running multiple printers from various manufacturers – often powered by different RIPs, it can be a challenge for PSPs to produce the same results within defined parameters. If printer settings are inconsistent, color reproduction can become guesswork with operators required to check each individual job and tweak color profiles or files across different devices.

Fortunately, the technology to overcome this challenge already exists – PrintFactory’s DeviceLink.

What is DeviceLink?

A DeviceLink profile is a link between the color reference profile and the printer’s current state, which helps improve color accuracy across a range of different devices.

CIELab, an intermediate, device-independent color space, is used during the creation of the DeviceLink profile, and allows for the most optimal conversion, preserving the characteristics of the input image, such as shadow areas that can be sometimes be lost in conversion. Importantly, once this is done the result is frozen in what is called ‘a golden state’, meaning tune-ups will not affect future conversions. This process allows print operations to produce the same quality across multiple devices – saving time and resources while ensuring optimal color quality.

How does it benefit your workflow?

DeviceLink improves color consistency over time through an automatic, iterative process of re-calibrating. This means as jobs are processed the data uses the correct values to reflect the changing state of output due to environmental conditions, stock and substrate changes and wear and tear of equipment. This information is then used to create a profile tune-up for each printer that can be read across all devices on the print floor and automatically adjusted to produce the same quality on different substrates without losing color quality through compression.

With quality assurance and ensuring brand reputation vital to running a successful print business, software that can intelligently manage and produce high quality and consistent color is a must have feature.

The bridge to automation

In looking at the transition to print industry 4.0, the importance of color management in delivering the productivity and profitability gains of lights out automation is often forgotten.

Without being able to guarantee consistent color across substrates and devices, it becomes difficult for large-format print businesses to reap the full benefits of automation. Without a solid foundation of consistent color across devices, any efficiencies created by an automated workflow are lost through time spent tweaking and troubleshooting color issues on jobs. The wide-format sector need only take a small leap of faith and embrace new advances in color technology to maximise their  productivity and profitability.

PrintFactory delivers on the promise of making cleaner, vibrant and accurate color reproduction accessible to the wide-format sector, giving every PSP the opportunity to output the highest quality color every time.

Find out more about how to create and tune DeviceLink profiles in our help pages.