A Distributor’s Perspective On The Way Forward For Large Format Print

Jon Telling, Sales Director, Perfect Colours explains why PrintFactory is the RIP platform everybody’s talking about.

“Certainly it’s the most complete production suite for banner, sign and super wide format printing available, and it incorporates all the professional job preparation and file correction tools you need. It’s easy to access, intuitive to use and super fast. But more than that. PrintFactory will save you money as you use it. You’ll need up to 20% less ink and you’ll see up to 20% less media wastage.


Here’s how:

  • With its superior colour balancing, more prints are correct first time, so there’s less media wasted. Furthermore, no matter how many different devices you’re using, the PrintFactory pro-active tools will maintain the same colours across all of them.
  • Built-in ink optimization technology reduces CMY levels and increases the black. As a result, print quality is stabilised and improved without any loss of image quality.
  • It can control all your devices. With the power to drive more than 1,000 different printers, providing automatic load-balancing for the ripping process, full PDF/X support, XML and JDF compatibility, if you’re looking for automation in your plant, it has to be PrintFactory.
  • It RIPS much faster than practically all its competitors.
  • It’s the only RIP software currently on the market that you can take via subscription. The advantages of this are pretty evident – you pay monthly for a package that includes upgrades and tech support. And if you expand, PrintFactory is totally scalable – you can just add more users to your package.”

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