See your levels of
collaboration and control
go sky high.
PrintFactory Cloud is a cloud-based module that’s bringing new levels of
synchronicity, control and efficiency to your digital print workflow.
It provides powerful tools to monitor and manage printers and jobs, from a
single to multiple sites.
Features at a glance

  • Ink and media usage and reporting.

  • Backup of all profiles and settings from all printers at all sites.

  • Cost calculation and reporting.

  • Synchronization monitoring and management of all printers across all sites.

  • Control to RIP and send jobs to any device at any location.

  • Track and trace status of any job in real time.
The ultimate dashboard.
PrintFactory Cloud offers full bi-directional
communication and control through the cloud
over all facets of the production process,
through a single web-based dashboard
interface. Here, jobs are monitored, sent to
print, RIPed, assigned operators, or designated
new tasks from one of PrintFactory’s many
tools and the print layout adjusted. Via easy log
in to the website portal – wherever there’s an
internet connection – users get a live status of
all activity on the factory floor, even the status
of jobs within a job.
Auto back-up of every detail,
every hour.
PrintFactory Cloud provides a complete
automatic back-up of every activity, file,
configuration, profile spot color and measurement.
Right down to the amount of ink and media used.
This allows for every job to be monitored in – and
synchronized through – the cloud.
Web-to-Print: automate your factory floor.
PrintFactory Cloud allows for the integration of any
web-to-print operations into the production workflow,
offering complete control from consumer touchpoint to
the factory floor.
By centralizing all activities, regardless of location, into one
single interface, the software provides new levels of
overview, increases levels of automation and maximises